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Egyptian Real Estate Has Strong Movement

Financial and political turbulences saw Egypt’s land advertise first take a crash, at that point slip into a frenzy of sporadic house costs that shot up one quarter just to dive down the following. The private market is as yet ruled by customary visitor problem areas, for example, the Red Sea Riviera resorts El Gouna,…

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Real Estate Market Analysis In Egypt 2018

Rising prices and interest rates since the free float of the Egyptian pound have pushed the real estate industry to be creative in funding and marketing projects, yet investors and developers are still optimistic about the sector’s prospects. This edition of AmCham Egypt’s annual Real Estate Industry Insight tracks how the sector’s players are responding…

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Is Egypt facing a real-estate bubble?

“Egypt’s real-estate market is witnessing a slow-down, not the end of a bubble,” Hisham Shoukri, chairman of the Roaya Group for Real Estate Investment, told Al-Ahram Weekly recently, adding that the country has experienced various ups and downs in the property market over the past 30 years. Traditionally, a housing bubble is an escalation of…

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